Quality Assurance Manager – Manufacturing

Quality Assurance Manager – Manufacturing

Expired on: Jan 31, 2024


To plan, direct or coordinate quality assurance programs, formulate and implement quality control

policies. Is also responsible for improving PCPLS’s efficiency and profitability by reducing waste


1. Leading the Quality Assurance Team through training, development and supervision of Quality


2. Development of quality inspection procedures, investigation of customer complaints and

physical visits to customers where necessary (when advised/required)

3. Developing and continual review of company standards documents and policies in line with ISO

and UNBS and lead interdepartmental coordination of quality management processes

4. Ensure reliability and consistency in production by checking processes during production and

final output and making sure that only quality products reach the customer according to

customer expectations.

5. Working according to delivery dates of products

6. Training of quality assurance employees to build capacity and succession planning

7. Health and safety training and enforcement within the quality assurance team

8. Coming up with interventions to manage waste generation to acceptable levels

9. Managing inputs in the company in line with suppliers, communication and checking and

confirming conformance

10. Detection and resolution of problems by facilitating proactive solutions through collecting and

analyzing data.

11. Planning for the implementation of quality processes and procedures.

12. Participation in human resource recruitment of the quality assurance team

13. Generating periodic activity reports i.e. daily, weekly or monthly

14. Disposing products that are not up to standards and identifying root cause of product problems


Internally Staff

Externally Customers, Regulatory bodies(standards bodies)

Job Category: Quality monitoring
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kampala Uganda
Sorry! This job has expired.