Research Advocacy & Communication Manager

Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi
Type: Full time
Sector: Human Rights
JOB TITLE: Research Advocacy & Communication Manager 
REPORTS TO: Head of programs For: Guidance & support on overall

Function management

DIRECT REPORTS: Advocacy Officer, Communications Officer



To effectively lead the development, implementation and co- ordination of the coalition’s research, communication and advocacy program ensuring that the organisation is the distinctive voice for the leaders and stakeholders, acts as the major convener for members and stakeholders and ultimately achieves the strategic priorities.




  • Manage the research, advocacy and communication program by assessing, developing, and establishing measurable objectives and program content consistent with HRD needs and organisation strategic priorities.
  • Preparation of detailed work plans, schedules, setting priorities and participating in the actual implementation thereof.
  • Prepare and monitor program budget and assure appropriate expenditure of funds with detailed record-keeping, accountability and reporting to all funding sources.
  • Establish multiple criteria, procedures, and instruments for assessing program effectiveness such as developing and disseminating a survey for impact.
  • Develop and maintain a database of a network of service providers and liaising with them.
  • Develop and submit monthly and quarterly program reports to management and the board of trustees respectively.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of M&E systems as per the organisation framework throughout the lifetime of the project.


  • Ensure effective grants management through timely submission of grant requests, coordination of approvals and utilization of approved grants to the respective programs in line with the specific donor requirements.
  • Work in collaboration with colleagues in preparing and conceptualization of project proposals, fundraising for donor funding and implementation of new projects
  • Participate in Grants Opening, Mid-Term and Closing meetings.
  • Ensure accountability of donor funds by collecting information and compiling narrative reports on project work undertaken as part of donor reporting.
  • Prepare internal and external reports within agreed deadlines using approved organisation and donor formats, as required.
  • Provide expertise in the development of concept notes and project proposals which will form the basis of funding submissions.
  • Proactively participate in identifying relevant donors for advocacy work.


  • Oversee the use and development of the non- government and government relations strategies and communication strategies and ensure cohesion between them.
  • Work with the Executive Director to ensure the advocacy team follows the organisation M&E processes and uses advocacy tools effectively.
  • Ensure regular evaluation of the advocacy theories of change and delivery of appropriate data for the Logical Framework.
  • Coordinate continuous engagement of HRD networks to ensure the National Secretariat is adequately complemented by quality information from the networks.
  • Work closely with the Head of Programs, other secretariat staff and other stakeholders to develop project plans, oversee effective management and reporting on the project including managing the project budget.
  • Take active role in the resource mobilization process to ensure that the organisation has diversified and growing funding streams for successful implementation of the HRD support strategy.
  • Represent the Trust in forums including speaking engagements, attending conferences and participating in national and international meetings.


  • Ensure timely quality information gathering by conducting research through experimental studies, literature reviews, qualitative studies as well as collaboration with colleagues for reviews and feedback, analysing finding and verification of data.
  • Ensure timely dissemination of information by managing research and advocacy report production and distribution both internally and externally.
  • Undertake research on the threats and attacks that human rights defender face, obtain information, verify it and provide input for reports and other related materials which can be used to generate action on their behalf, whilst ensuring the independence, accuracy and credibility of the information
  • Ensure effective accountability to the funders by conducting research in a manner that fulfills the specific requirements of the research as stipulated by the funders.


  • Develop and maintain clear lines of communication with advocates and key stakeholders internationally and use this to inform and increase the impact of our work in Kenya and internationally
  • Act as a communicator  with various audiences about HRD work, ensure publication of  Journal articles and make presentations to review boards and decision makers.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with partners including the media, and other human rights organizations.
  • Actively advocate and promote HRD work to policymakers or others entities that can influence  action and help ensure that the research findings, knowledge and recommendations are considered for positive change and impact.
  • Drive Advocacy team involvement to help shape the organisation communications strategy and activities.
  • Implement relevant areas of the media strategy and undertake media outreach to achieve advocacy objectives.
  • Maintain a vibrant online presence, generating social media and website content.
  • Ensure effective communication with HRDs, and the public and share updates and other relevant information on the work of human rights defenders.
  •  Ensure development, editing and regular content update on the website and other online and social media platforms.


  • Oversee and supervise the work of and provide support and guidance as needed for all members of the advocacy team and those working on advocacy topics;
  • Line manage the Advocacy team and conduct annual performance assessments as part of the organisation broader staff evaluation processes.
  • Manage employee performance through setting objectives that are aligned to strategic goals, conducting periodic performance reviews to ascertain progress and final annual performance reviews to ensure achievement of organisation Kenya results.
  • Define training needs and support employee training and development for competency development and improved employee performance.
  • Responding to day-to-day correspondence within your department.
  • Any other assignments as may be assigned by your supervisor.




  • Management Team: Planning, monitoring, reporting and guidance
  • Staff : Guidance on research, advocacy & communication protocols, policies and activities


  • Human Rights Defenders
  • Media fraternity
  • Policy makers  and Influencers– State & Non State Actors
  • General public

·        Degree in Communications, Public Relations, Research or any other related discipline

·        Experience in advocacy for Human Rights or International Affairs

·        Minimum of three years of professional experience in communication and advocacy

·        Previous working experience with CSOs is an added advantage

·        Stakeholder engagement expertise – Government, donor agencies, media

·        Proficiency in digital communication

·        Application of Research methodologies 



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